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Switch off the Lights


Segment Size = 4.5%

Stress Score = 600

Increase Costs Score = 700

Untitled (9).jpg

Switch off the Lights occupies a midrange space in terms of susceptibility to be impacted by rising prices. Their Stress Score is relatively low, and Increase Costs score is comparatively quite low. They are a quite young individual with a sizable portion of homeowners, which means they may be hit by increasing interest rates. On the other hand, they tend to live in urban built-up areas and tend to use public transport and bicycles in favor of cars. This means limited impact in terms of the rising cost of petrol. Combined with the fact that this individual has a very good attitude regarding making lifestyle changes to accommodate rising costs, this individual has potential to become wealthier and rise up the ranks as their lifestyle and habits are very sustainable.

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