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Scrimp and 


Segment Size = 3.5%

Stress Score = 1300

Increase Costs Score = 700

Untitled (8).jpg

Since this individual tends to not have a car and live in smaller flats/houses, the actual amount their bills will increase is not as much as other wealthier segments. However, due to their lack of savings and precarious financials, it only takes a relatively small increase in costs to push this individual into high levels of stress. This explains why their Stress Score is high given a modest Increase Costs Score of 700. Predominately this individual is either in social housing or privately renting; for those who do own their own home, they are overrepresented by groups with a house value of less than £125k. This individual is characterized by high levels of Universal Credit claimants, children in low-income households, health and education deprivation, and families claiming free school meals. However, despite their precarious position, this individual has a strong resolve to protect themselves against incoming hardship brought about by increases in the cost of living. They are a very aspirational individual and are very willing to adjust their behavior accordingly to save money. They are constantly canceling and renegotiating subscription services and looking out for cost-effective deals. Despite being in a difficult financial position, this individual will be more insulated than others due to their willingness to modify behavior.

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