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Food Bank Explorers


Segment Size = 8%

Stress Score = 700

Increase Costs Score = 750

Untitled (4).jpg

Food Bank Explorer is quite a well-to-do individual living in an expensive urban area; however, they are starting to deal with financial hardship for the first time. This individual is over-represented by young females who have been particularly impacted by the rising cost of living. With budgets being squeezed, they are finding it harder to shop at healthy boutiques and organic stores. For the first time in their lives, some of these individuals may have to resort to food banks. This individual is feeling the pinch from student debt, food price inflation, and the rising cost of petrol. Despite this, Food Bank Explorer has quite a low Stress Score since they are regularly re-evaluating the services they really need. Often unsubscribing themselves from various subscription services that moons ago felt necessary. This tactical switching approach means this individual is less likely to be caught out by the greedier energy companies charging extortionate tariffs; however, they will still be impacted by the rising prices as this occurs across the board.

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