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Feed or 


Segment Size = 8.3%

Stress Score = 1400

Increase Costs Score = 1000

Untitled (6).jpg

Feed or Fuel has a double whammy of a high Stress Score and Increase Costs Score. Relative to the income of this individual, their expenditure on fuel costs, groceries, and other cost-of-living items is very high. This means the person in this segment often finds themselves in the unenviable position of having to decide between expenditure on groceries or filling the tank to get to work. On the Brink tends to live in poorer parts of the UK, often in council flats or low-value properties in the countryside. Levels of deprivation are high in the areas they live; health and education deprivation are rife. A sizeable portion of children in this segment is on free school meals and is classified as children living in low-income households. This illustrates the levels of stress in this segment and hence why their Impact Score is so high.

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