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Segment Size = 4.3%

Stress Score = 1550

Increase Costs Score = 1150

Fuel Fatalism.png

Fuel Fatalism is among the least wealthy groups in the UK and is the most likely to feel the negative impacts of the cost-of-living crisis. A Stress Score of 1550 means this individual has the highest Stress Score of all groups. Most do not own cars, but many of those who do own a car require it to travel to work. The majority of this segment is not homeowners, with many renting or in social housing. This individual is very likely to use food banks, and many are reliant on local convenience stores and hence are especially exposed to the rising cost of groceries. This individual is likely to have prepayment meters, which means energy can only be used after they pay for it. Fuel Fatalism has a fatalistic approach to rising energy prices, which can be summed up by an ostrich sticking its head in the sand. They are unwilling to modify their behavior to save costs. This is reflected by the fact they are inclined to stick with subscriptions rather than shop around for good deals.

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