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Can Pay
Won't Pay


Segment Size = 2.3%

Stress Score = 700

Increase Costs Score = 1500


Can Pay Won’t Pay is the smallest of all segments, representing just over 2% of the UK. This individual is in the fortunate position that despite being exposed to the rise in the cost of living across heating, gas, and mortgages, they are financially secure enough to afford it. Their Increase Costs Score of 1500 is the highest of all segments. The key reason their costs are increasing at a greater rate than other groups is due to their commitments and financial obligations. These include high city rents, mortgage repayments, and expensive shopping habits. However, despite the looming expenditures from energy bills, petrol, and mortgages, Can Pay Won’t Pay has a low Stress Score of 700. The key reason for this is that they occupy professional and other well-paid occupations and are adaptable enough to change their habits to save money. Despite being able to afford it, this individual just will not pay.

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