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Segment Size = 7.7%

Stress Score = 400

Increase Costs Score = 1400

Untitled (11).jpg

This segment lives a very salubrious lifestyle. They tend to live in either a stylish inner-city apartment or a semi-detached house in the countryside. Their comfortable living situation is mirrored by their ability to spend lavishly on consumer items. However, they are unlikely to take kindly to paying, what they consider, extortionate prices for household bills. Consequently, this individual will be looking to make changes to how they live to accommodate the cost-of-living crisis. They will leave no stone unturned to cut costs, and if that means trading in Waitrose Essentials for Lidl’s finest, then so be it! This individual is into their cooking and is likely to batch cook inexpensive but tasty meals to reduce their energy consumption. This means that although this individual has a high Increase Costs score – with central heating, a large house, and filling up the 4x4 – their Stress Score is low because they have both the financial means and adaptable attitude to weather the storm.

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