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Every Little


Segment Size = 14.7%

Stress Score = 500

Increase Costs Score = 1100

Untitled (1).jpg

Every Little Helps is the largest of all segments, accounting for almost 15% of the UK. This individual tends not to be one to hang about while receiving a bad deal. Their idea of downtime is ringing up their broadband provider and trying to bargain down their monthly fee. In other words, they care a lot about the cost of living crisis. They are one of the most likely individuals to switch subscriptions and among the more inclined to change their behavior to save money, hence the name Every Little Helps. This kind of approach bodes well for the looming cost of living crisis where being on your toes and a willingness to jump ship could save vital pennies. This means this individual has one of the lowest Stress Scores of all segments. In terms of wealth, they sit comfortably mid-range being well represented among individuals owning properties valued at £250k-£400k.

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