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Segment Size = 11.7%

Stress Score = 250

Increase Costs Score = 1050

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Coupon Cutter is well insulated from the cost of living crisis. This is due to a combination of factors. Firstly, they adore a deal which means they will move heaven and heart if they think they are being hustled. This individual is avoiding all superfluous expenditure and hunting down bargains like their life depends on it. Secondly, they are not as exposed to grocery poverty as other individuals since they tend to live in areas with good supermarket competition. Thirdly, many are private renters, so they will not feel the squeeze induced by rising interest rates. They tend to be financially sophisticated so are pursuing higher returns rather than seeing their savings eroded by inflation. This cocktail of factors means this deal seeker has one of the lowest Stress Scores of all segments.

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